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Country: Russia
6 min

Many years ago, Ivan Petrov, the director of a large transport company, went to work in the morning and ... never came back.
Nowadays his son, a young hipster Vasily, who has just entered Moscow State University, is making a long trip through the whole of Moscow to the headquarters of the transport company to find out the fate of his father. Vasily and Ivan Petrov have a long, two-minute conversation that will change their lives. Vasily learns that his father has been working hard for all these years, taking care of the welfare of his family and not being able to see his family. Ivan Petrov learns that while he was making his way up the Forbes list, at a distant underground station Voykovskaya he had a daughter. What moral choice will they make? Will Ivan Petrov come back to his family? Will he be able to escape from the bondage of 21st century slavery? Watch"Through Moscow" and find out!

Through Moscow


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