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Good Mood Content and How to Use it – Naked and Funny!
03.07.2020 16:35

SAN FRANCISCO, USA/ODESSA, UKRAINE - Production of the new season of worldwide hit series "Naked & Funny" in Odessa, Ukraine, postponed because of the local quarantine measures, will likely start somewhere in August, 2020, according to plans and hopes of the producers of the series.

Producers left the new date in question. Original launch date for production had been scheduled for August 15, 2020.

However, there are 340 HD episodes of gags are available for immediate distribution for digital and television broadcast.

Good Mood Content and How to Use it

Naked and Funny - the hidden camera show with the deliciously erotic twist - is a comedy brand you definitely want to have on air. It's beautifully shot in HD with some of the most gorgeous women in the world performing gut-splittingly hilarious gags!

Over 40 countries have aired the series. Naked & Funny generated over 5 billion views on YouTube and it's a base content to program various channels, such as: Gags Network, Naked and Funny, NakedFunny - Millionaires, Crazy TV Pranks, etc. This series is beautifully produced... with an emphasis on BEAUTIFUL. It's a combination of sex appeal and hilarious gags is the magic ingredient to the show's success. Naked & Funny is equal parts sexy, sweet, and silly - it's one show that has it all: a great look, tons of gorgeous, curvy women, universal humor, and no dialogue to worry about. This late night gem is keeping viewers tuned in and turned on as the ad revenue is keeping cash registers ringing at stations around the world.

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Naked & Funny #253/1125 (Season 11)
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