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Country: Russia
20 x 30 min

Get ready for a shock! "
On The Edge!" - A broadcast of real events, which the audience may refuse to believe.
Is it possible to escape, falling from 160 meters high?
Is there any chance to survive if you were crushed by a multi-ton vehicle?
What is the probability that a person who has experienced a transcendent jolt of electricity does not part with his life?
"On the Edge!" shows those who found the strength to fight and survived on the edge of death.
All stories are based on real events, which prove that in an emergency, the body is able to overcome the laws of physics and biology, and the brain works at exorbitant rates.
Expert assessment of rescuers and medical videos from the blast site, direct testimony of witnesses and survivors themselves – each episode of "On the Edge!" has everything to make you believe in the impossible.


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