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Country: Russia
2 x 49 min

Mom – the most important person.
Mom gave us life, provided us with the joy of seeing this colorful world.
Mom surrounded us with love, warmth and kindness. And no matter what happens – we are always running to her – with our joys, pains, and misfortunes.
And we know that we will always find support and understanding.
Former lead singer of the group Dinamit L. Nerushenko got killed in a crash at the age of 27. Seven years have passed, but his parents still cannot accept the fact that their son is no more, and only recently have learned how to talk about him in the past tense.
A. Barykin did not live to his 60th birthday, yet his mom still thinks he is on a road tour and will come back or call.
More than anything in the world, N. Mordyukova adored her son Vladimir. After her son’s death, she did not need anyone. Thus, she escaped from this pain. Neither new roles, nor relatives could compensate for this loss.
Mom of actor A. Dedyushko never met him when he came to Moscow. Now she dreams of telling her grandchildren what she knows about her son.


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