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Country: Russia
1 x 49 min

Weddings of star couples seem bright and attractive. How in reality do show business stars carry out their weddings and how many millions are they are willing to spend on an unforgettable celebration? How to get married so as to make socialites burst with envy?
It is no secret that glossy magazines pay big money for exclusive coverage of wedding celebrations of celebrities.
The marriage of E. Plyuschenko and Ya. Rudkovskaya was almost 90 percent paid for by sponsors.
The wedding of actress E.Bledans and producer A. Semin lays claims to being the most unusual wedding of the year.
A VIP will not be surprised by the simple scenario of the wedding. Guests are not averse to mischief, and love practical jokes at their own weddings – as was the case with Lolita.
Talking about preparations for their own weddings are Aziza, actress A. Makeyeva, D. Sagalova, and A. Sedokova.


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