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Country: Russia
5 x 24 min

Nika Belotserkovskaya is a well-known culinary blogger lurking on the Internet under the nickname of Belonika. In ordinary life, Nika is a successful businesswoman, publisher of magazines, wife and mother. Cooking is her hobby.
From the wondrous, picturesque corner of France, which is called the Camargue, Belonika sends viewers video tips on cooking gourmet dishes, tells stories associated with particular culinary masterpieces! In the culinary blog, they will talk not only about how to correctly prepare a delicious meal, but also where, with whom and from what utensils to eat it with.
How to choose the right foods and feed a “military regiment” in 5 minutes. Plus, some of the most famous chefs will give master classes in Nika’s Culinary School.


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