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Country: Russia
24 x 24 min

John Locke, English philosopher, psychologist and educator, argued that particular qualities of character, consciousness, culture and thinking of an individual, which will largely determine his future life, are all a result of what the parents were able to implant into the child in the first five years of his life. It would seem that at those ages a son or daughter are still very young and should be endlessly caressed and pampered.
However, the formation of personality is impossible without rigor and discipline. Otherwise, the child will have behavioral problems in primary school.
However, rigor does not mean that the child should be ruled with an iron fist. The carrot and the stick are both good in moderation.
And of course, the most important thing – is the attention from parents .
The maximum attention to the child and all that surrounds it – this is what athlete, honored master of sports and mother of three children Anastasia Myskina, host of “Top People” encourages.


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