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Country: Russia
50 x 30 min

This selection of short comedies "Funny stories from life" brings to the screen the funniest cases that happened to real people. Parents will show you about a thousand funny stories taken from Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and the Internet in general. Why our scriptwriters are common Russian people? Because the funniest episodes cannot be invented! In this show, уour will see the funniest sides of Russian life: road accidents, office parties, family scandals, and funny happenings at housing offices, hospitals and fitness centers. Parents warns you that any coincidence with real events and people is not incidental! If these stories seem familiar to you, it means it has happened to you!
Starring: Andrey Pynzaru, Mikhail Guro, Andrey Lavrov, Ekaterina Melnik, Karina Hidekel, Sofia Grechanik, Vladimir Bazhin, Denis Bondarkov, Elena Kovalchuk, Andrey Mezhulis and others.


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