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Country: Russia
2 x 49 min

Someone attempted to murder businessman Mukhin, known for his sharp temper.
He has many ill-wishers, and only one friend, surgeon Pchelkin, and Mukhin asks him to help find his enemy.
The plan is as follows: an empty box must fall on Mukhin, and he must get hospitalized. Mukhin wants to catch the killer there with the help of his friend.
Katranov, Mukhin’s assistant, learns about the plan. It is he who wants to kill Mukhin, who does not let him organize a corruption scheme for the sale of medical equipment to hospitals in the country.
Cast: Arthur Wakha, Maria Bortnik, Rostislav Bershauer, Elena Kuprashevich, Vladimir Fokov, Tatyana Ivanova, Alexey Fedotov, Olga Kirsanova – Miropolskaya, Gennady Smirnov, Sergey Byzgu, Alexey Vasiliev


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