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Country: Ukraine
1 x 90 min

Five years ago, newlywed students from Moscow Anya and Vlad had nothing but love. Now they have a prestigious job, a nice apartment, Anya gets expensive gifts from her husband for all holidays.
And what about love? Once Anya begins to feel that the feeling has gone...
To understand herself, she goes on a business trip to Kiev. May is raging there – there are blooming chestnuts, intoxicating smell of lilacs, luring romantic streets. And a young photographer is beside her all the time.
Later on, they will meet and discover a surprising affinity of souls.
And Anya falls in love! Or is it just her imagination? And what secret will open when her husband comes to her in Kiev?
Will Anya plunge into the new relationship, or will she look for depth in the old one?


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