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Country: Russia
4 x 49 min

An average resident of the capital spends 1,050 rubles a day for his daily needs, and this figure is three times smaller in the regions. While sellers are counting their income, consumers are counting their losses.
What is really sold to us under the brand name of world-renowned designers and can we find real brand name things in the capital?
In what way we are cheated on sales?
What is there in the market basket of consumer goods?
How are Chinese fakes sold to us under the guise of famous European brands of home appliances?
How do online stores deceive us?
Is it worth spending money on women’s courses or is it a waste of money?
What does the phrase "the establishment reserves the right to remove the client from the establishment without any explanations" actually stands for?
And what should you do if you are removed from a restaurant without explanation?
The new documentary series Spending without Sacrifice will tell you how to protect your consumer rights and spend money wisely.


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