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Country: Russia
4 x 49 min

Do you have a black stripe in your life? Is there no end to misfortune, and happiness seems not to notice you? Do not despair. All can be fixed. Esoterics and psychologists assure that fate is not a given. People should blame only themselves for almost all their troubles. They attract either good or bad by their thoughts, behavior and mood.
So, how can you get rid of bad luck and switch your life on the "happiness" mode?Today, trainings of the most popular esoterics beat attendance records. Sergey Lazarev, Alexander Sviyash, Anatoly Nekrasov, Vitaly Gibert, Valery Sinelnikov, Vladimir Zhikarentsev – their tours of Russian cities are planned for one year ahead. Their books have huge circulations.
In a new documentary series – Fate Without Sacrifice, they will tell you about the reasons for diseases; how to make your children happy; how to get rid of loneliness and save your marriage; how to achieve success; how to become rich; how to produce an impact on people; how to give up usual things and to escape from the routine surrounding you.


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