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Country: Russia
4 x 49 min

How can one reserve a five-star hotel in Turkey on the "all inclusive" basis, for big money, and get a hotel with cockroaches and a view of a construction site upon arrival?
Why can you be fined for a short skirt in Dubai?
How can you prevent your overseas tour from becoming the most dangerous adventure in your life?
Why summer camp may become a real school of survival for your child?
Who lost Russian children in Turkey and how they returned home?
What is sold under the guise of valuable fur coats ?
How are fakes from China sold under the guise of famous brands to Russian fashionistas on their shopping tours in Milan?
You can find the answers in the documentary series Tourism without Sacrifice.
Correspondents of the program will check on their own experience how travel agencies cheat their customers and what machinations are arranged by locals abroad to cheat Russian tourists of their money.


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