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Country: Russia
16 x 24 min

The well-known restaurateur Vadim Kalinich will teach women to cook food for real men.
The way to a man's heart has not been changed, it still is through his stomach. How often women cook food for their loved ones without thinking about what they really like, and what dish they expect for dinner.
The host of the program knows exactly how to feed a man so that the food you cook becomes the most delicious for him.
Vadim selects all food for his dishes himself.
He does not entrust anyone to go to the market – the food must be of high quality, and if it is necessary to go to a farm or fishing to get it, he will not be daunted by this. In addition, the host will tell the viewers how to choose beef or chicken in the market or in the store.
What should quality cream and butter be like?
How potatoes really worth buying look like, and what is not worth spending money for.
Why does turkey have yellow skin sometimes and whether we should care about this?
What do conscientious farmers have to feed their cows with, in order to get only quality steaks of meat?
Each program offers a recipe of a perfect dish for real men, tips on how to choose the right food and how to combine them correctly.


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