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Country: Russia
1 x 90 min

In order to find true love, it is not necessary to invent a love potion, but Marina managed both!
Marina, a young graduate student who is preparing to defend her dissertation on a new type of breathing gas for divers, makes a mistake in her calculations. The mixture she obtained has unique properties – it produces a "love effect"! Testing the mixture on herself, she "falls in love" with her scientific advisor Kotov.
PhD Serov works at the University together with Marina and he has big troubles because of the sub-department head Glebova. Marina Serov offers a deal: she will make Glebova "fall in love" with him, and Serov must point out the error in her calculations.
Marina and Serov have fallen in love each other, but they are sure whether this is the effect of the mixture, and, as real scientists, they must not give way to this chemistry...
Cast: Anna Antonova, Yaroslav Vorontsov, Tatiana Kolganova, Igor Gordin, Zoya Buryak, Andrey Mokeyev, Rina Rishina.


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