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Country: Russia
14 x 24 min

Chef Mark Statsenko, the host of the program Taste Shop, will save you energy, time and, most importantly, money. He will undertake to cook suing recipes posted by culinary bloggers on the Internet, to evaluate their quality and taste, and will advise you to prepare the same, only in case of success.
If the dish is delicious – it is perfect!
If not, Mark will bring it up to scratch and will tell you which ingredients are missing and which are obviously unnecessary and you do not need to spend your money for!
Mark’s friend Vasily, a lover of good food, will fiddle with dishes in the kitchen together with him.
He is a "guinea pig" in this kitchen. If the most usual guy, with the most traditional tastes, likes the dish – any housewife can cook it safely. This has been proven – it is delicious!


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