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Country: Russia
12 x 12 min

In a way, this is a unique cooking program where viewers have the opportunity not only to try another delicacy of the culinary arts, but also to travel to countries of our planet in order to plunge into the world of cooking traditions of a people, nation, and even a tribe.
Owners of the Moyevenpik restaurant chain all over the planet arrange travels to countries with unique cuisines for their television fans, where they can learn recipes of some exotic dishes included in the menu of the restaurant chain.
For example, Maguro Sashimi is roasted tuna with Chili pepper, seasoned with vegetable salad, and Tom Yam Ganges is a spicy soup of shrimp, mushrooms and lemon grass.
Alexander Seleznev, Tatyana Vedeneyeva, Sergey Novikov, Lilya Vinogradova are guides on various cuisines of the world and mysteries of cooking dishes, they also will tell about specificity of cooking little-known national sauces, spices, delicacies and drinks.


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