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Country: Russia
20 x 26 min

"Sceptic" is a different point of view. It may not be all that correct, sometimes it is rough but it is different. You don't have to take for granted everything that you see in this program - it not created to tell you the truth or to defend science.
The main goal of the Sceptic is to make viewers feel the change in their attitude to the world when they begin to reasonably question the information coming down on them in an endless stream.
Watch this program, receive new interesting information, become surprised at how easy it is to debunk stupid information myths, and feel the benefits of turning into a Sceptic for 30 minutes!

List of program issues:
– Placebo effect
– FLU: was there really an epidemic?
– The end of times
- Weapons
– Newspaper astrology
– Folk medicine
– Myths of losing weight
– History of heresy
– Truth about vaccinations
– Global conspiracy
– Alcoholism
– Superstitions
– Christianity
– Salt
– Sugar
– Hangover
– Propaganda
– Stress
– Neuro-linguistic programming


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