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Country: Russia
60 х 48 min

To be a wonderful detective, you don't have to play the violin. You don't have to sport the ideal moustache. You don't even need to smoke a cigar or take Vicodin.
Today all that it takes is to know higher mathematics, be a beautiful blonde and know how to disentangle the most complicated crimes. And you need to have your own methods.
Katia Lavrova is a beautiful daughter of a high-ranking official at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, an A-student with an honors degree, and is the best operative of the Department. She's got a man's logic, acute mind and well-polished sense of humor.
The future seemed to hold a wonderful career for her, but she suddenly leaves the department. She did not explain the reasons to anyone. Since that time, she has been working as an outside consultant for the criminal police, helping to solve the most mysterious cases.
To find the czar's jewels before a ghost does it, find a maniac among the first-year students, prevent art smugglers from effecting a deal worth ten million dollars — usual methods don't work in solving such crimes.
Lavrova uses psychology, non-linear logics and a group of 7 students from the University of Internal Affairs to help her.


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