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Country: Russia
31 x 40 min
37 x 48 min

In the program "Family Size", anchormen Anastasia Myskina, Vadim Tikhomirov and nutritionist Alexey Kovalkov call on entire families to lose weight.
The program scheme is as follows. In parallel, the program involves several couples. During three months, losing weight is the task for at least two family members. These may be husband and wife, mother and daughter, son and father, father and daughter - that is, anyone who wants to become more slender can participate in this lose-weight program. Moreover, if two people who are close to each other, begin such things, they acquire a degree of solidarity and competitiveness, so losing weight is inevitable. In the first stage, the people are weighed and their family size is determined. They calculate the number of kilos to be lost and determine how much weight each family member has to lose. One of the anchormen plays the seducing role, convincing the people to abandon the idea of losing weight. The nutritionist gets to know all about his charges, in order to compose a diet for them and explains to the characters about the allowed and forbidden food for them. Initially, the doctor gives a forecast of how long the loss of weight will take – a month, two months, five months or a year. The family is then closely watched by the program anchormen, doctors, psychologists, and of course the TV audience.


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