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25 X 30 min

"Online" – a series in the genre "sketch comedy»
Each program contains 14-16 sketches.
Action takes place in the sketches in circumstances directly relevant to real-life situations, related to the use of the Internet, Skype, blogs, chats, as well as modern "gadgets”.
Heroes of the series are modern people.
The basis of the sketch – their relationships, events professional and personal life.
"Superidea" uniting all series:
"The future is now. The Internet no longer surprises anyone, all have been on it a long time already, but we have the characters, whose stories blow the mind!
– Young family
– Glamorous girlfriends in a café
- Road patrol post
– Cybercrime department
– Boy and mom
– Internet addiction
– Grandfather and majority lawmaker
– First date
– Video chat
– International shipping
– Final song


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