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Additional Information: Available For CIS Territory Only
1 x 45 min

RUN FOR COVER is the fascinating one-hour special that focuses on a unique breed of journalists who are willing to risk life and limb for a powerful image.
These daring and courageous men and women put themselves in the line of fire to capture the action of wartime combat, police shootouts and Mother Nature's fury on film and video.
Veteran actor Stacy Keach takes a look at:
• Photographers dodge bombs and sniper bullets to catch the moment on film.
• Law enforcement photojournalists capture the action as cops and armed suspects battle it out.
• Experience Mother Nature, up close and personal, chasing tornadoes and devastating hurricanes.
• Be part of the action as extreme sports photojournalists get a little too close for comfort.
Sit back and relax from the safety of your living room as photographers capture the action and, ultimately.


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