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Country: Russia
88 x 49 min / Digests: 18 x 24 min

"Living Stories" is telling about the mice and men surrounding us: flowers, birds, cats, dogs and even exotic animals.
Sergei Novikov, Irina Petrovskaya invite guests to the studio and go out on location as well. The show consists of two main areas of interest, one of which is devoted to flowers and plants, and the other — to animals.
Under the heading "floral stories", viewers will learn about nature’s most amazing and beautiful creations, authors of the show will share secrets of their nurture. The show will examine whether a plant likes sun or shade, and how often it needs watering and fertilizing. Sergey Novikov can find his way in a great variety that is the flower world and strike the right note even with the most capricious plant.
Guests of Irina Petrovskaya in the studio are Russian movie stars, television and music stars with their pets. But, of course, the main guests will be regular television viewers of Domashnyi channel with unique stories about their pets. Also Irina Petrovskaya will invite experts into the studio: cynologists, veterinarians, animal psychologists. They will describe how to raise your pet, what to feed and how to care for a cat, a dog, fish or birds.


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