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Country: Russia
1 x 74 min

Animal Wars is the first and only animated lampoon on American Football!
It has been successfully sold to 30 countries including USA, Greece, Mexico, Russia, Serbia, Thailand, and Ukraine!
74 minutes of fun for kids & adults!
The world is divided into the “biters” and “slashers” who are about to play a football game for the domination of the world. The game is hosted by two TV announcers: a slobbering dog, Mad John, and a cynical parrot, Ricky, who argue continuously. One of the coaches discovers that Ed Bear received a check for $100,000 and assumes that it’s a bribe. He is removed from the team. Ed escapes from the alligator police and breaks into the opposing team’s headquarters to get evidence of his innocence. After being chased down by the police, he shows the evidence to the coach who reinstates him just in time to win the game!


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