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Country: Russia
40 x 26 min

Comedy Cocktail is a sitcom about a striving actor/director of a daily cable television soap-opera, George Swan, who is caught in a vortex both in the studio and at home. At work, he acts as a mediator between his two co-actors/creators. Their ideas constantly contradict each other: one wants to fly to Mars, while the other wants to take a trip to the corner-store. However, creativity is not what the executive of the channel is looking for. He is only interested in the ratings, and as a result, the show almost gets cancelled.
Unfortunately, George does not have time to fix these issues because he runs into daily troubles with his executives at home: his loving wife and daughter. They always have something for him to fix, solve, or manipulate. George Swan swims in his reality and must find new ways out of the comedy cocktail whirlpool.


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