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Country: Russia
70 x 60 min

Merry Family is a hearth-warming comedy about a normal middle-class family that constantly faces abnormal mishaps and situations.
The Potykaev family lives in an apartment building next to the Kievsky Railway Station.
Alexander, the father of the family, is the manager of a computer selling company.
The mother, Masha, is a housewife raising three kids: a 17 year-old daughter Sveta, a 14 year-old son Anton and a 5 year-old son Pasha.
They seem to have everything they need at one point or another.
Unfortunately, that’s not as easy as it sounds. When Masha needs a new dishwasher, Alex sells Anton’s laptop to get her one.
Anton, in turn, wants to treat his new girlfriend to a dinner cruise and slyly tells the family that the dishwasher was stolen (when in reality he has sold it).
Pasha’s needs are simple: he wants a mouth-watering serving of strawberry iced-cream.
Upon searching the couch cushions for loose change, he finds two hundred dollars (that Alex has saved and hidden).
Daily mishaps like these keep the Potykaev family on its toes.
At the end of the day, however, they always seem to work things out and remain a merry family.


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