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Country: Russia
40 x 30 min

The World’s Greatest Misconceptions is a prime-time edutainment program that contradicts widely-held facts and theories! Some of the world’s most highly-respected scientists and thinkers have compiled research and evidence over the past 20 years that challenges things such as Einstein’s Theory of Relatively, Newton’s Laws of Gravitation, facts about the U.S. Civil War, the sinking of the Titanic, the truth about Comets, King Arthur’s true identity, and much, much more. When this research work was discovered, it was so controversial that the scientists were sworn to secrecy, never to reveal the information to the public. During the beginning of the 21st century, they have managed to keep this under wraps. Until now when it will finally be revealed!
Today You Will Find Out The Real Truth!
Don’t Believe In All you Know!
Trust Nothing!
Open Your Eyes: What’s Real? & What’s Not!
Prepare To Realize That All You Know Is That You Know Nothing!
Let’s Open Our Encyclopedia to The World's Greatest Misconceptions!


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