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Country: Russia
20 x 26 min

A viewer of this documentary series will be surprised to discover that a dog is not only a friend and helper in our everyday life, but also a hard worker, who on command of handler is ready to sacrifice himself unquestionably.
Drug and bomb sniffing dogs, dogs-detectives, lifeguards, nurses, canine officers, security dogs — working dogs have many images, they take part in a number of human professions.
Dog's olfactory scenes, keen hearing, strength and quickness, full obedience to owner, — these are the traits that are used by dog's handlers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Federal Drug Control Service, Federal Border Guard Service, Customs, Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergency Management and Natural Disaster Response and other authorities.
A dog is a unique tool in the hands of Special Forces, as well as a smart weapon.


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