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Country: Russia
160 х 24 min

The hostess of the show, famous journalist Irina Petrovskaya, has had her dog for many years; she thinks that Betty is not an animal but a real person, who cannot yet speak.
Therefore, the show is not about pets in the normal sense but about “people” in cat, dog and even bear skin.
Irina believes that every animal has its own unusual personality, everyone can be understood, every individual can be recognized; then playing with your cat or a python will be more joyful.
Movie, television and music stars with their pets visit Irina in the studio.
The main place in the show however is for viewers channel, who share their interesting stories about their favorite pets.
How to get along with a parrot?
How to save golden fish from obesity?
What kind of rabbit will suit for your kid?
How to entertain your favorite rat?
You will learn about this and more from the show “My owner’s friends” with Irina Petrovskaya


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