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Country: Russia
4 x 45 min

This detective TV series was adapted from the novel by Elena Mikhalkova, where the plot is focused on complex relations of two women: a rich elderly woman and her maid.
Businessman Tagoyev hires private investigators to find his runaway daughter Yulia.
The detectives found the girl pretty quickly and thus prevented a terrible thing Yulia was planning to do to her employer - wealthy lady Martha Rudolfovna.
As it turned out, the two women hated each other and tried to use the rival in their own mysterious purposes.
And though each of them considers herself the master of the situation, in fact, both Yulia and Marta Rudolfovna are just puppets in the hands of a skilled puppeteer.
Cast: Alexey Sekirin (Happy Together, Case of Grocery Store No. 1), Anna Kamenkova (Visit to Minotaur, Concert), Olga Smirnova (What Girls Keep Silent About).


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