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Country: Russia
7 x 24 min

What do people eat for breakfast in Italy? Why are the Georgians are so brisk in the morning? What is the difference between omelets in the northern and southern hemispheres?
The program Breakfasts of the World will answer these and other very tasty questions.
The anchorman Alexander Dulschikov, a famous restaurateur, and his guests will tell viewers how people eat breakfast around the globe.
Together with guests of the program, Alexander will cook delicious and nutritious breakfast just as if he were not in the Moscow studio but on the Mediterranean coast, or at the equator.
Guests of the program may be famous foreigners, people who lived abroad for a long time, or just love to travel.
But all of them are cooks or gourmets who love to cook and try new things. They are restaurateurs and chefs, i.e., people who are on familiar terms with food and can always tell and show something interesting.


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