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Country: Russia
1057 x 45 min

Court Hour is a highly popular “court show” in which real small claims court cases are heard and disputed.
The only participants are the magistrate, plaintiff and defendant.
No prosecutors or attorneys are allowed.
The court deals with matters up to 30,000 rubles ($1,000 US Dollars).
The lawsuit is limited to 30,000 rubles because these are cases based on principle and not monetary gain.
Each participant of the process (except the judge, of course) has the opportunity to bring one witness and produce any number of exhibits.
Both the plaintiff and defendant are under oath so if either commits perjury (lying on a material matter under oath of law), the judge has the right to fine him/her for 30,000 rubles. All parties know the rules and must take it from there.
The court decision is completely binding and non-negotiable.
Before a decision is made, both the plaintiff and defendant duke it out to convince the magistrate of which one of them is right.
They fight like two warriors…but are only allowed to use their words.


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